Laboratory Hematology Auto Analyzer Price XFA6000

Laboratory Hematology Auto Analyzer Price XFA6000
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Clinical Lab Devices
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Perlong Medical
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  • Test Speed 60 Samples/ hours

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Usage of Laboratory Hematology Auto Analyzer Price XFA6000


Usage of Laboratory Hematology Auto Analyzer Price XFA6000 
Clinical blood analyzer is used to detect the parameters of the series of red blood cells and hemoglobin, platelet and leukocyte in the blood.Hematology Analyzer is an in-vitro diagnostic equipment which is applied to quantitative analysis of blood cells of clinical and laboratory.
Features of Automatic Hematology Analyzer XFA6000
1.The principle of this machine is electrical impedance (EI).
2.The analyzer is mainly used for the quantitative measurement of the blood in the 19 parameters and 3 histograms.
3.This hematology analyzer  use Screw transmission technology ,it ensures the testing result more accurate.
4.This hematology analyzer has some advantages:Intelligent barcode scanning,automatic sample blending,voice announce and automatic warning,online update supporting,etc.
5.It can save 20,000 test results and the datas can be searched by date, ID, SN.
6.It has a built-in thermal printer.
7.It has seven interfaces:RS232 ,LAN1/2,USB,PS2 Keyboard ,Computer Mouse,Printer Interface,Audio Adapter .
8.It can set up and edit the parameters of adults,children and newborns .