lab electrolyte analyzer PL1000A

lab electrolyte analyzer PL1000A
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  • LCD Display 110mm*65mm

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Usage of fully automated electrolyte analyzer PL1000A


Usage of fully automated electrolyte analyzer PL1000A
This electrolyte analyzer is used to measure the ion concentrations of K+, Na+ , CL- and Ca++ and pH values in the whole blood, serum and urine sample(diluted).Electrolyte Analyzer is a kind of clinical lab device.The brand of the electrolyte analyzer is Perlong medical.

Features  of  lab electrolyte analyzer PL1000A
1.The electrolyte analayzer applies advanced ISE (Ion-Selective Electrode) technology, convenient installation, easy maintenance, stable and reliable measurement.
2.It has the advantages of automatic screensaver, friendly interface, and can operate easily.
Two working modes: Normal mode and saving mode.
3.Our Electrolyte analyzer  can save1500 test results, and the data can be searched by date, ID, SN.The data will not be lost even if the power is cut off. Users can inquire or print at any moment . 
4. Revising datas automatically to ensure the accuracy of the data.
5. It has a RS232 serial port, which can be connected to computer. It may collect, manage and print measure results through relevant software.